Live Lotteries


Bring your Lotteries to life with Live Draws utilising our studio facilities, talent and Certified Machines.

Custom Draws

Run your own Draws based on your Lottery formats or utilise our Standard draws and customise them to suit your requirements

Live Lottery Draws offer a new level of excitement to your games.

Utilising our own studio facilities you can provide your own blend of lottery draws in a live environment and streamed across your network in real time.

Draws are available to be scheduled Daily, Weekly or as many as 12 times per day

Global Streaming

Stream all draws in real time anywhere across the globe to your Websites, Email or through social media

Bespoke Studio Design

Broadcast your draws with your own studio designs to suit your brands theme and styling requirements

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Any Draw frequency

Draws can be scheduled every Day, Week or Month or a many as 12 times per day

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