Lottery Templates & Themes


Create your own unique lottery themes and templates

Pre Defined Templates and Themes

Build, Customise and Manage your Lottery sites and iframes from your back office. Operators are able to change every aspect of their templates, Widgets and games across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Operators have the unique ability to set up multiple templates or themes for special promotions or periods such as Christmas, halloween etc and switch between themes at anytime.

​All templates and theme assets are available in over 120 Languages and Currencies and are dynamic based on users location and preferred languages and currencies

Utilise and customise our pre defined themes and templates to suit your Lottery or Gaming site without any major effort

Fully Customisable

Every aspect of your Lottery and Game templates are fully customisable from Coulrs, banners and Elements can be customised to suit your exact requirements

Mutliple Templates

Operators can manage multiple templates for Territories, Languages and promotions giving operators the flexibility to switch between templates at any time

Multiple Currencies & Languages

Offer Lotteries in any Language or Currency across multiple themes and games

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